Welcome to our company!


In order to achieve our high standards, ZHISHENG CO. places great importance on the quality of its human resources in every company process.

Our staff are part of a hand picked, closely knit workgroup ready to find the solution to any technical or commercial query in a professional way. 
Up to now, we have over one hundred employees. Among them, there are 20 office staff and more than 80 plant staff
Everyone here united together as families and stive for the same goal --- to satisfy their customers by providingconsistent quality products, competitive pricing and timely delivery. We endeavor to make our customers happy.

Enterprise- ourself

To help customers increase their productivity level by offering various cost-saving suggestions;
To keep an eye on the latest developments in the products and industry;
Being able to meet emergency breakdowns within the shortest possible time;

After-sale Service

ZHISHENG CO. provides efficient and personalized after sales service to all its customers. Customers are attended with equal priority and concentration as at the time of taking the order. An order is just the beginning of the relationship. Thecompany believes in long term relations therefore customer’s satisfaction is of paramount interest. The customer’s need is fulfilled in the shortest possible time.