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Steel ball crushed in chrome accordance with and its influen


Crush load is ball one of very important in the performance test of the test values, steel ball crushing load value varies according to the diameter of the steel ball change. Factors that result in the change of steel ball crushing load value has a lot of, such as steel ball processing and in the process of heating and quenching tempering heat treatment conditions, will affect the ball of crushed the change of the load value.


Ball crushing load, the actual refers to the steel ball crush broken by external force forces, the pressure value. Steel, steel raw materials microstructure, heat treatment state of organization and different process method, etc., are the important factors that affect steel ball crushing load. In addition, geometric accuracy and surface quality in the process of steel ball, such as mechanical processing method is one of the indicators measuring steel ball crushing load. Generally to provide steel ball crushing load value, can improve from heat treatment, quenching and tempering process. Can be achieved by heat treatment, and then tempering or quenching method, change the internal structure of steel, metal molecular didn't get into one by one, thereby increasing the hardness of steel ball, improve crushing load value of the ball.